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Fresh Produce // TRC Interview (Part 3)

trc_640x400In the third and final part of the chat with homegrown producer don TRC, he talks about calamitous DJ sets, the recent Trap music obsession and wishing he produced a seminal Joker riddim.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you so far?

One time I was playing back to back with Apostle but we had two separate bookings. I was about 100 miles out and he was the same too. We were going to the same place after our individual sets and he phoned me saying that he’s left his CD’s. By this point, I’ve finished my other booking and driven home to my house. I then jump back in my car and drive all the way back up the M1 to Barnsley. I then open my boot and I’ve left my CD’s at home!

What happened in the end?

He didn’t get paid and I put fifty pound petrol in my car for no reason. It was just a joke! [laughs]

Are there any homegrown or US producers you’d still like to collaborate with?

In Grime, all the people I speak to now are the ones I’ve always looked up to and they’ve had a big influence on my music. People like Dexplicit, J-Sweet, P-Jam and Terror Danjah. Now I’ve had my little releases in the scene, they’ve started speaking to me and I’m cool with them.  In America, I’d love to work with T-Minus and ‘40’, even Just Blaze too but out of all of them, it would probably be J.U.S.T.I.C.E League and T-Minus.

K-Os – Faith ft. Drake (prod. by J.U.S.T.I.C.E League)

Are there any particular tunes you wished you produced?

Pffft. There are a lot of T2 Bassline tunes as he was just an absolute monster and was too sick. I think Joker as well. I used to listen to Joker a lot and when I started speaking to him, I couldn’t believe he was younger than me (only by a week) but I told him “You were making those tunes, when I was in school?!” I wish I made Gullybrook Lane.


Joker – Gullybrook Lane

At the moment, there’s this obsession with trap. What’s your take on it?

I think Redlight tweeted the other day that Trap is turning into put a donk on it and I thought that was very true, as since Lex Luger has leaked his sounds everybody is using the same snare, the same bass and it’s becoming really rinsed. I loved it at first but now everyone is using the same sounds and chords, it’s become really predictable and bland.

I recently spoke to some producers from the US and Canada and I was really conscious of using that label to describe the music but then you go onto Soundcloud and there are a million and one people trying to replicate that sound.

Loads of people just wanna sound like Lex Luger. When he first did it, he was so sick as nobody sounded like him but now it’s just the end. Even well-known massive producers in America were copying his sound and I’m like what’s going on? It was almost like cheating and I couldn’t rate it, even though I got deep into 808 hip-hop, I could never get deep into trap as it’s too like cliché. Hudson Mohawke and them man are sick, they are completely different from Lex Luger.


TNGHT – Obsession

What do you have coming up in the pipeline?

I don’t really like talking about it but I’m in the process of sorting out management at the moment but I’m keeping things wrapped up ready for the new year. I never really like gassing like others and then nothing comes out. You have to be humble until everything comes out.

It reminds me of the classic lines you get from people on social networks in the run up to the new year, “ 2013’s gonna be my year bruv. Me and ma dags are gonna go HARD”

[laughs] I was having the exact same conversation the other day about all this bullshit. I was thinking “This year’s gonna be my year” and all this bollocks. “I was shit this year but this year’s gonna be mine ya get me” Come on man, you’re supposed to go in regardless what time of the year it is. That’s all gas man and I’ve even seen a few people tweeting already… f**k all of that!

Follow TRC on Twitter @TRCproducer for information on releases and DJ sets and check out his Soundcloud 

STOP PRESS:  A snippet from his forthcoming mix CD Legs 11

Rihanna – Diamonds (TRC 4×4 Remix)



The monthly Summer Zip from the Butterz camp dropped a few days back and as per usual the mandem Elijah and Skilliam bring a slew of sick grime instrumentals from Mr Mitch and TRC to name a few. A heavy remix from Punchdrunk’s Superisk and fellow Bristolian OH91 on one of the year’s big riddims Oo Aa Ee and even Sinden’s refix of Waka Flocka Flame avec Darq E Freaker’s Cherryade.

The forthcoming Butterz x Hardrive night at Cable promises to an ill affair with the Butterz triumvirate, the Yoda-like Kode 9,cackle captain Terror Danjah, DJ Scratcha *in Tinchy Stryder voice*, the bubblin’ Royal-T and crown prince Champion. Not the forgetting ‘grime originator’ P-Money.

Room 2 is a more tribal, funky 125-130 bpm affair with DJ Pioneer, DJ Naughty, Funkystepz, Hard House Banton, MA1, Funk Butcher and LR Groove stepping up to the plate.

Click the link to cop an earlybird ting before they get taken like grapes from outside the Turkish shop and peep the flyer above for more information.

Download the Summer Zip ere and all. Follow on @Butterzlabel

New Age Grime >> Butterz

The influential Grime blog cum record label has grown considerably in the last few years with the Rinse FM duo of Elijah and Skilliam – chief purveyors of the underground sound across Europe and around the globe. Former Aftershock member Terror Danjah,W.U.S. favourite Swindle and newcomer Royal T are some of the names which have classic and forthcoming discography on the label.

Royal T in Prague

Therefore, continuing the spread of music that very much embodies the undiluted grit of the grime aesthetic, Butterz have continued their monthly series of giving away an enormous Quality Street of  “ZIPdims”.



For more information,peep the Facebook and follow the Best Grime Label on Twitter.

Catch these fellas on Rinse every Thursday from 1 to 3 am. (If you’ve got the stamina)