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Conceived by the rising and versatile Mr Mitch, Beatfighter is much a Ronseal ting. Launched yesterday, the concept is simple. Two producers go head to head each month to separate the wheat from the chaff,the yolk from the egg, John Terry from being a xenophobic knobhead (that last one is nigh impossible like trying to make me gobble liver pate for a week)

The first producers to throw their unreleased gauntlets are Sllllllleeeeeew Dem’s Spooky of Spartan fame and Darq E Freaker who crafted one of Grime’s most screwface inducing instrumentals since Forward Riddim in the form of Tempa T’s Next Hype.

Spooky – Energy Boost

Darq E Freaker – Turbo Kids

Vote on the Beatfighter site to decide whose bringing the best beats.

If you’re a producer and would like to get involved in some battles in the coming months, email info@beatfighter.co.uk.

Plastician // Sounds That Speaks Volumes 11 [Free Download]

The man like Plastician drops another long-awaited mix in his now seminal Sounds That Speaks Volumes series. Sick selection and on point mixing is the order of the day. If your not a fan of wobble in your bass…you’ll learn to appreciate it as I did when he dropped and wheeled Flux’s I Can’t Stop about 6 times in Mungos Arena last year.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



Alternatively click on the link and send your email address in exchange for a free download.

The SUBCONSCIOUS // Reading Roundup

One of the best journalists in the underground diaspora Martin Clark a.k.a Blackdown talking about the uncompromising and engaging  Trim on Pitchfork. I was fortunate to catch Simon Wheatley‘s real Don’t Call me Urban photo exhibition at the Richmix in Shoreditch a few weeks ago and there was an infamous picture of Roll Deep sitting in and around an ice cream van.


Trim was part of the collective at the time but the manner in which he looked away from the camera leaning in a  lackadaisical manner at the back foretold what was to transpire. He’s been jumping on pulsating and at times penisive productions which most MCs wouldn’t with one dancehall-like example below.  If you hit the exhibition link above and sift through the selection section,you’ll see what I am talking about.

Trim + Pritchard (50% of Africa HiTech) – ‘Kiss My Arse’ [Forthcoming on Planet Mu]

Whilst, Andrew Ryce of the well clued up Resident Advisor speaks to one of electronic music’s ‘ardest working figures in David Kennedy a.k.a Ramadanman,now more widely known under the pseudonym Pearson Sound (I’m struggling to keep up and all)

The feature has an insight into his all-time favourite records which unashamedly span Pendulum,LTJ Bukem and Beastie Boys to name a few. He also makes some interesting points on every “music fans” ire of underground artists selling out and a refreshing take on the current state of play.


Hessle Audio have steadily arisen to be one of those labels that resonate their labour of love from the studio to the (imported) bassbins of Pula.Pangaea and Ben UFO may not get deserved props but producing/mixing music as a flowing entity has a skilled quality to it which some say is dying. However, these young fellas know a ting or two when it comes to “dunning” the dance.

Listen to Ben UFO’s XLR8R mix below (which I banged out in the Templeman a fair bit)


and some classic 2-step,terse timbre lost nocturnal vibe from Pangaea for your ears to digest.

Shout out to the Hessleview man and Hyde Park gal.


BR #47 – Ben UFO at the Boiler Room

One To Watch Interview // Harry Craze

Credit:Deep Medi Musik

DEEP MEDi artist and Anti-Social Entertainment co – founder Harry Craze is currently in the studio effortlessly crafting deep layered bass riddims doused in the realms of soul and hip hop. Whilst upholding the underground preserve via jungle, garage and house (to name a few) Quite simply the fella is a don. He rarely does interviews but I managed to find out more about the method behind the madness (as it were) As one half of production duo Craze and Hoax, he’s worked on remixes and created for homegrown artists such as Wiley, Tinie Tempah and Jamie T.I talk to him about his talented West London collective, fondness for the late J Dilla and why the ubiquity of the mainstream can be a double-edged sword.

Can you give us some background info for those who aren’t familiar with what you do?

I’m a producer from West London and I’m part of Antisocial along with Quest, Silkie, Mizz Beats, Jay 5ive and Razor. I’m currently making music as part of Craze and Hoax!

How did you assume the moniker Harry Craze?

My dad thought it would be funny to just call me that…so from birth (…its my real name)


What’s your earliest memory of music in a performing or listening capacity?

Leonard Cohen asking my dad to play the tape with the banana man on the front (there was a weird synthy album called “I’m Your Man” he did)

From a listening perspective, I’d say making up a tune on this tiny keyboard i had while playing some mad imaginary game.

Along with Silkie you laid the foundations for the ‘Anti-Social Entertainment’ Crew. What was the main inspiration behind it and what does it personify?

Silks just had this idea to start a crew…of course I was down, I don’t know what it personifies but it’s all love we are a group of friends that make music, whatever it might be.

The first time I heard anything from your discography was on Antisocial’s Copenhagen OHOI! Mix in August ’09 and your track ‘Wa6’ was sombre and seminal respite on the live recording. Do you enjoy the live dominion away from the studio?

I love doing stuff in the live dominion it’s probably my favourite dominion!! 🙂  although my tunes probably work better on a listening level, i think that changes though the more you play out.

What is it like playing in a place like Denmark which has such a strong bass resonance with the likes of 2000F, JKamata and RUF?

It was fantastic, the crowd are hungry for real original music. ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is‘ is a FAV I love that G’d up 808 funk

They appear to be inspired by Zapp and Parliament via pitch-bending synths, and echoey voiceboxs of the early 80’s funk aesthetic. Your style of production has been compared to J Dilla’s harmonious synth riffs; sparse samples and subtle bass. Is Hip- Hop a primary influence on your output?

Yeah that’s crazy someone said that because I love Dilla.

Hip-Hop is a big influence. The approach of sampling getting a loop and perfecting it is definitely a big part of making music. I like listening to all kinds of music though especially weird soundtracks and things i’d like to sample because they have some sick ideas in them and if you only listen to what everyone else is doing it can get a bit boring.

On the Real Love EP, you worked with Anti-Social compatriot Quest on the shuffling Jazz inspired title track. How do you find a medium when collaborating for releases on Breaking The Habit (Anti Social’s record label)? Is there a particular brief running through your heads whilst producing?

I used to live in this house and it was like Antisocial HQ for a bit, a lot of tunes were made there like ‘Head Butt Da Deck’, ‘Eden’ and ‘Real Love’. Quest and I were just vibing out chatting shit and made a tune. There ain’t no brief though…. just making tunes.

How did it feel like signing to a well respected bass label in the form of DEEP MEDi?

I felt very blessed that someone (Deep Medi boss and dubstep pioneer Mala) i respected so much put his faith in me and to be on a label with some amazing people on is very sick.

What’s your production set up like?

My old production set up consisted of mpc samples, triton, fruityloops, guitars and bass.

My current setup is shared with hoax and is logic,triton,mini korg, guitars, percussion and loads of plugins especially kontakt patches. I want stuff to sound like a movie. It’s cool but I want an mpc again though.

Unlike a plethora of genres, Dubstep is impossible to classify with the versatile nature of production having their roots elsewhere. Yet, as per the major labels attempt to homogenise underground music for the mainstream. What are your thoughts on this trending topic?

Wow… I’ll try and keep this short.

We’ve been in this since 2002-3, when what people were calling dubstep was like this weird sort of garage like loads of congas and subs…maybe a wobble if your lucky, it was proper tribal though.

Year after year it gets more successful..it’s just a natural progression.

With all these pop artists battering the sound now, there’s also loads of fresh music coming out inspired by dubstep and the sound is just evolving faaast. As long as we all focus on making honest music it’s all good.

That response was informative and on point like a decimal. Do you have any forthcoming releases or projects lined up?

YES. These days I’m working alongside my long time friend and amazing producer Hoax, we’ve got a tune ‘Wait For Me’ coming out on Break The Habit as Craze and Hoax.

“Jesus Sandal” Weather a.k.a Festival Season is slowly creeping up on us again. Are there any bassweight bangers we should keep an ear out for?

SILKIES album is a Banger…and a new bit he played me the other day…i don’t even know if i can say the name but its the Future. Mizz beats has some 8bit gameboy jazz Bangers. Quest has got some sick tunes…just look out for Antisocial at the festivals we got the remedy.

Shish or Doner?

SHISH all day baby!!!

KA or Ginger Beer?

Ginger beer… R U MAD

Colonel Gaddafi or David Batty?


Danke Schon, Mr Craze.


Craze and Hoax release ‘Wait For Me’ in late July on Break The Habit.

Catch the Anti Social Crew on Rinse FM every Saturday via their new slot from 5 to 7 pm on 106.8 FM.

Fresh Ting Friday (Bubblin’ Edition)

The mercury has finally risen above 15 degrees.Ice cream chimes are back,females that were akin to UFO’s in the winter are out of hibernation and the flying antdem are back to rear their butters selves again (They usually love to nest in Afros…so boy off the trim!) This week’s assortment is a tribute to 90’s R&B and Hip Hop,with a few other choice pick ‘n’ mixes sauntered around 808 bass,sparse beats and conscious rhymes.

Ty and Starkey- Heart Is A Miracle feat. Sway and Roses Gabor (Martelo Edit)

Lloyd – Lay It Down (Dubbel Dutch Remix)

Kito – This City

Cassie – Me & U (Brackles Remix)


LL Cool J – Around The Way Girl

A Tribe Called Quest – Electronic Relaxation (sampled by Diplo on Brew Barrymore)

Heartless Crew – Heartless Theme a.k.a Super Glue Riddim VIBEZ

Brandy & Whisky – The Boy Is Mine (Architechs Mix)

Enjoy the sun this weekend people.

Dukkehus – 2000F & JKamata

I posted this previously as part of a Fresh Ting Friday entry but I feel the Danish duo of 2000F and Jkamata don’t get enough props for their futuristic slowjam bass concoctions. This isn’t just any babymaking music…This is Quadruplet music.

Dukkehus* by 2000F & JKamata


*Dukkehus roughly translates as doll house. So… erm…. yeah!


One To Watch // Kito & Reija Lee

At first glance it may appear i’ve just gone and hijacked H&M’s latest ad campaign with two sultry birds posing in their finest clobber. (I would never do that *in simple cockney voice*) However, don’t be fooled producer Kito and singer-songwriter Reija Lee both hail from Down Under and have been collaborating for a hot minute now with previous releases such as the warped synth sensibilites of ‘LFO’ which was released on Skream’s Disfigured Dubz label an age ago.

Following their recent signing to Diplo’s Mad Decent label, the duo will be releasing their debut Sweet Talk EP on the imprint next week which features a PERCY in the form of ‘This City’. In anticipation of the imminent release,a brief minimix covering the EP is below for all to sample and soundtrack the warmer climes which await in a few months.

Sweet Talk EP by Kito and Reija Lee


1.Sweet Talk
2.Broken Hearts
3.On The Jam
4.This City

D/L : Kito (feat. Reija Lee) – LFO