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The Subconscious // I Don’t Know About Girls


Girls: The new ‘IT’ series (which coincidentally has Roy from the I.T Crowd appearing in it)

Girls? I don’t know if I like them and I’m unsure if I could be one. You maybe reading this thinking a) Has he had a homosexual epiphany after years of denial in an all-boys comprehensive? or b) Is this the second coming of Ru Paul? The answer to both questions is a fortunate no but my dormant intrigue with the opposite sex has been slightly engineered by letting the retinas retreat to the first season of Lena Dunham’s Girls in that slug-like sequence just after Christmas waiting for the annual celebration of premature ejaculation that is New Year.

I’ll say fair play to her. The last woman that had me fixated was Scorpio from Gladiators who did an autograph session in Woolworths on Walthamstow Market when I was six. I happily persevered to the end to grasp a sense of the hyperbole and while all the acclaim wasn’t warranted, there was a familiarity with the Greenpoint,Brooklyn setting (akin to Dalston, the ‘Ditch’ and Brixton), the obligatory alfresco ankle minimalists and the worldly British girl whose so ‘like totally free-spirited’ and saunters around in getup so dodgy it’d make Lily Savage look normal. It resonates with fluid twenty-somethings (not exclusively females) who simultaneously sell artisan bread and search for sustainable job vacancies on the web.

Dunham’s character Hannah is brave, apologetic and overtly laid bare (If her copious sex scenes had a Russian voiceover, you’d be hitting your TV thinking did your old man really order the XXX package). She’s struggling to be a writer (who isn’t ha), has had a weirdo fella who casually walloped her (He also must have gas bills going through the roof as the geezer is forever topless like a Page 3 model in his flat) and somehow her working and seemingly stable mate Marnie takes pity on Hannah’s rent being long overdue like an injury to Van Persie.

It captures an abyss which many graduates are sucked into and finagle a smokescreen on social networks where everything is fine but I feel it succinctly concerns a privileged white select (most of the lead cast have a famous parent in the entertainment and arts industry) and there are much more richer tales to be told bar a generic discourse. It’s not a bad start and we shouldn’t forget Dunham is drawing on personal experiences that are forever political and remaining unsolved in real time.

Forthcoming home-grown comedy series Drifters has a similar all-female lead cast but I’ll be interested to see how it portrays the post-uni epoch and working in jobs far removed from the rhetoric that had your pits sweating in a hot rush to complete a personal statement for your UCAS application.

To the rebellious birds inked on your arm and honesty in front and behind the lens, I salute you Lena, even if I don’t find you that funny, I may just admit to liking Girls one day.


These man are on the ascent with ample audio arsenal in tow. She’s Lovin’ It…oh Gosh.


Anyone growing up in an African household will know religion is paramount even if the Sunday service extends far beyond an Eastenders omnibus.

Wearing your best clobber once a week is imperative too (alas I always had my wits about me playing football in the car park with a Coke Can during the summer season of First Holy Communions, Christenings and Weddings, your old man couldn’t give a damn but if your old dear catches you get ready for a public service announcement and a subsequent 9 hit combo a la Street Fighter’s Chun Li on your candy ass)

This clip from the film Show Bobo features two of Africa’s most authentic hobbits that Peter Jackson failed to cast AGAIN for his forthcoming prequel.  No doubt their time will come.

Aki and Popo are two boys from the States who are sent back to Nigeria to learn more about the motherland. However, as always with Dwight and Andy things don’t go according to plan as their dear auntie would like, with the pair repeatedly showing off their bravado claiming that the native food is poisonous and even using scissors to cut through some soup.

This reminds me of a time when my mum was in the choir and hush had fallen over the church as there was a break for meditation. Most switched off their microphones beside them but true to task she didn’t and I seized my chance in the spotlight. This is the club banger that I sang which unsurprisingly started an impromptu session of who can suck air through their molars the loudest.

To this day I don’t know what came over me…stupid Fruit Salad monster.

For more Nollywood and Ghallywood films, check out iROKOtv.com





If there was ever a starting point for a Nollywood meets London comedy movie, alongside the never-ending West African debate about the origins of Jollof Rice, this cult cold beverage is up for grabs too.

This is for anyone whose had a better chance of seeing a dragon or dodo in the flesh rather than an auntie passing some malt.

Big up to TKB Visuals


Life after the beautiful game sees some ex-pros do their Uefa Pro Licence course to become a coach. Others make a mint doing the rounds on the after-dinner speech circuit. However, the lucrative lure of the film industry is too hard a wonga opportunity to miss.

Vinnie’s done it in Hollywood, whilst Cantona dabbles in arty flicks now and again but for Dwight Yorke (Aki), once Nollywood came a calling he was there quicker than Usain Bolt spotting a box of 20 nuggets at the finish line.

Now, the title of the clip reads Aki Threatens Lecturer With A Gun and most people may not find that humorous in the slightest (Lighten up Ebegeezers- Xmas Day is a week tomorrow) but there are few things I’ve noticed which are subtly symptomatic of such films involving Trinidad’s finest export behind Carnival and Brian Lara.

1) The lecturer asks ‘You guys again? What are you doing  in my own clas?’  That can be attributed to shite security or the hardened criminals wanting a free education..calm down luv.

2) At 0:29, Dwight might as well have run round the bloody gaff on the back of a pantomime horse with the gun in the air singing ‘Kumbaya‘. The fella barely reaches her hips and he’s managed to conceal a pistol in his pants (not the loaded kind..I’ve dropped myself in it..oops) to startle her. The Producer has had a mare.

3) “Anymore of that noise and you will enter the Guinness Book of Records, as the woman with the most uglllllly tattoo” That is just a archetype of African cinematography in a nutshell – random as a f*** ha

4) The extended ethereal chords broken up by an impromptu clatter of keys is a famous facet for a soundtrack. It seamlessly syncs with facial expressions such the Munch, the Screwface and my personal fave the Open Sesame.

5) Lastly, adding further fuel to the African age ambiguity debate, the majority of this  lecture room has people looking closer to half a century rather than a quarter. On the other hand, when you take that into consideration, and the manner in which those burly blokes stormed in, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the Open University.

Lighten up Yorkey…Ciao.


Andy and Dwight + Black pom-poms =sore barnets



The pair are currently serving a 33 year sentence in an unnamed prison but this doesn’t stop the outlandish thoughts from the outside.



David Haaaaaaye!