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In Retrospect // Guardian Open Weekend

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to cover and attend the Guardian’s inaugural Open Weekend festival, as you would have expected it was a transparent affair with ‘Guardianistas’ in their droves from all over the globe.

I and a few other contributors from LIVE Magazine (don’t watch the photo)  immersed ourselves in a jovial and kind-natured utopia full of fragrant intellect that was the odour of both days in Kings Place – the Guardian HQ in North London. The high calibre of talks and performances on display in the arts,politics and even a session on how to tweet exemplified the broad capacity to accomodate in the spirit of open journalism.

Each of us had a separate schedule of events to attend and then report back to mentors from the paper who were uploading content onto the Guardian’s sustainability section on their website. Moreover, we were given the task of doing vox-pops with members of the public on their thoughts and opinions on the weekend as a whole for the following Monday morning edition of the newspaper.

You can read my copy on the opening event here which was meant to be with grumpy but funny fella Charlie Brooker (admittedly what would have been my highlight of the weekend) but as he was patiently waiting outside the gates of fatherhood he was unable to attend. Instead it was replaced with Sunday AM with Andrew Marr but with more warranted expletives and a whole load of s*** talk via columnists Gary Younge,Lucy Managan and Tim Dowling.

I think one of the best talks that still lingers in my temple is the early conversation that Peter Bradshaw had with Carol Morley, the slender and splendid director of Dreams of A Life, a recent docudrama which looked at the life of Joyce Vincent whose body was found three years after her death in her home above Wood Green Shopping City in North London.

The juxtaposition of the online persona and the offline is one which often conflicts,creating a profile to keep up appearances and build a facade to mask the reality of loneliness and faux popularity.( Tempted to include some Manuel Castells but I’ll leave it for now) Yet she died before social networking became the norm and alas no recent picture lifted from Facebook was shown of her alongside the news reports.

Morley enthused about Vincent’s aspiration and job success which led to her doing a balancing act between her black and white group of friends. It soon culminated in Joyce ailenating herself from family as well as friends. A sad conclusion,however, it allowed a lot of themes to be tackled and a thorough exploration of modern life or inner city pressure as a Metalheadz head honcho once said.

Have a read of a piece I did on Charlie Alcock and Uffe Elbæk’s How I Did It Talk session here

I look forward to attending this unique event next year in some capacity.

Thanks to Fiona and Hannah from The Guardian for their help throughout the whole weekend, the scholarly sensei’s Emma and Steve and LIVE Magazine as always.


Feel like your shouting to the top and no one hears your take on issues? Fighting for a cause but it’s forever on pause? (Sorry)

If so, take your opportunity to get involved in FREE SPEECH, a new live debate show which begins this Wednesday on BBC THREE.

The show hosted by Norwich City’s 3rd biggest fan (behind Delia and Stephen Fry Fly) Jake Humphrey will give viewers the chance to air their laundry in a more sanitised and interactive fashion than Jeremy Bile.

The first show will be coming live from East London on Weds at 10pm and Free Speech will be travelling around the UK each month to discuss current affairs which will more than likely filter down to affect the young demographic in one way or another.

In the meantime, enjoy the special viral for the show below featuring Dead Poet’s Mark Grist and MC Mixy.

Follow Free Speech on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/BBCFreeSpeech and Twitter @BBCFreeSpeech

For further information, click ere


Following the success of the last night, It’s all happening again.

If your about the Merseyside tomorrow evening, come down for a likkle dance and drinkup.

Bringing the freshest tunes from resident DJ’s from Liverpool to London.

Friday 2nd December 9.00-3.00

Andrew Hill
OB-I & Danny T

(Mostly top boys,Mostly)

Powered by Sheik Yerbouti Soundsystem

3 Squid.

Large up the Miracles and happy bday in advance to 50% of the duo.



Another Wednesday in Camden brings the final Milly’s World of 2011 for y’all in the locale to feast on.

Fresh homegrown talent is on the carte du soir (ooh aren’t I sophisticated…naaaat) for the 16th of this month.

Have a butchers below at the delights that will be served and leave you gluttonous lot hankering for seconds!


Not just any pop trio, Monsta are a collective sound of heavy based pop created by production duo called Rocky and Rufio, better known as Pegasus, and the powerful yet smooth voice of Bryn Christopher. They have been running through the music industry veins for a hot minute, working with the likes of Gary Barlow and Daisy Dares You. Bryn Rocky and Rufio are creating mainstream pop music that’s credible and has the edge. Refreshingly producing and writing their material that is soulful, interesting and enjoyable. Monsta are the first POP band to ever perform at Milly’s World! http://www.wearemonsta.com/



After securing a much deserved fanbase around his home town Hackney, Kase has been showing off his talent in front of thousands of people, touring with Master Shortie (on his A.D.H.D. Tour) as well as N Dubz and Lil Wayne. Kase ‘London Towns Urban Rock & Roller’ is set to become one of the major breakthrough acts of 2012. After the release of his debut EP ‘The Reunion’ in 2009 Kase went on to be linked with artists such as Pharrell Williams, Sam Sparro, Busy P and Mr Flash (Ed Banger Records).  Showing a mix of blistering rock guitars and thumping beats, Kase is one of the most original artists in the urban scene.  Away writing for a while, 2012 will see the release of his most recent work, Kase looks set to be the name to remember. http://www.facebook.com/KaseMusic


Kali –  Milly’s World one to watch

Mercury Records best kept secret performs an exclusive set for Millys World!



Cheaky chap from Chepstow, South Wales.  Elro is as serious about rapping as he was at 11 years old. He has been rapping for just a year now, Elro stated “It’s funny cos in my diary when I was about 11, I wrote ‘I either want to work for NASA, or be a rapper.” And here we are. Elro received a great buzz from his first SB.TV warm up session which is verging closer and closer to a million views!

He has recorded his free 17 track mixtape, and is currently working on his EP, with support from Welsh legends, the Sanchez Bois. Millys world is excited to have Elro grace our stage to show Camden Town exactly what he’s made of. http://youtu.be/ZZ9zF_4bHg0


Alex Mills

One of the hottest new voices to emerge in recent years, working with major acts such as Tricky, Roll Deep, Masters at Work and Basement Jaxx and more recently Tinchy Stryder and Wretch 32.. You may have seen her beautiful Performances for Later with Jools Holland and Ronnie Scotts.  But now Alex’s is back with her solo material and it’s about to take off!

Her new material hits on her honest lyrics sung over soulful, breezy influenced pop blends with the rhythm and bass of Soca & Dub. Watch out for her EP due for release mid November featuring some high profile collaborations, as well as live performances supporting Rizzle Kicks and of course at Milly’s World! http://www.myspace.com/alexmillsmusic

Tickets are five quid on the door and for further info on the event peep the fbk page.

Follow on Twitter @MillyAllen




A casual chat with one of the early pioneers of the dubstep scene and all-round O.G, DJ Chefal a.k.a Chef at this year’s Outlook Festival. Wat U Sayin chats to the Croydon based selectah on the growth of the scene, underground artists in the pop charts and his infamous cackle laff.

How has this year been so far?

This year’s been crazy, loads of festivals and doing gigs but in that spare time I’ve been working on my album that I’m doing with my partner Bluesy. We’ve got some tunes done with the Ragga Twins and vocalist PhePhe from Birmingham (who featured on Show Me) to name a few.

There’s never been a greater time for underground music in the UK with the likes of Wretch 32 topping the charts and Katy B getting recognition with a Mercury Music Prize nomination. How do you feel when you see someone from a humble beginning prosper?

I love it, as it gives me inspiration. For a long time, good urban tunes wouldn’t get near number one, the Americans dominated the charts via Hip-Hop and RnB. So I say it’s a good look at the moment.

What’s the first thing which springs to mind when thinking about Outlook?

Probably with Outlook, it’s the community spirit that makes it unique compared to other festivals. All the ravers rubbing shoulders with artists, DJ’s, producers and MC’s makes it a lot more intimate.

I remember listening to one of your old sets with DJ Tubby and D Double E , and one thing which struck me is your infamous cackle laugh.

A lot of people mention that but I don’t even notice!

Has anyone thought about sampling it in a tune yet?

People have sampled it already. I’ve had people from abroad sample it and even my boy Beezy put it in tunes. My laugh is my laugh and I’m all about catching joke which is what it’s all about at the end of the day.

Lastly, Coki’s classic remix of Gangsta For Life by Movado seems to be a regular dubplate in your set. What makes you pick it out of the bag and rinse the ting?

I have a couple of mixes for that riddim and I’ve got love for it. If Coki doesn’t play it then I will as it’s a straight up anthem!

Catch DJ Chef’s Rinse Fm show every other Wednesday from 9 till 11pm and for more info on upcoming dates follow him on Facebook and Twitter.  and his burgeoning label check out www.subfreq.co.uk.

STOP PRESS: French badamanVON D‘s special guest mix for Chef’s recent Rinse show (12-10-11) Free D/L.

Chefal is playing at Brixton Jamm tonight at Eat The Plate. Tickets are only a fiver. Get Involved.



Inspired by the famous poem and herons working overtime,(see Dumbo) a maaaaaad fresh night on the Merseyside Music scene drops a la Humpty D this Friday.

Friday’s Child introduces an eclectic array of underground music; ranging from Experimental Electronica, House, Garage and Reggae.

Andrew Hill (Abandon Silence)
Jonas (Eat Your Greens)

Friday’s Child is powered by infamous oil oligarch and worldly bass-smith Sheik Yerbouti.






L1 4JN


For more info, check out the Facebook page. Hold tight the Miracles!


The London based crew have had a busy year spreading their love of Caribbean riddims across Europe and beyond. Earlier this month, W.U.S caught them “inna” Croatia and talked to them about the spirit of the underground, dream festival lineups and their new West End night Madd Raff.

Personally I think you guys are doing something special continuing on from the work of David Rodigan in promoting Jamaican culture.  How important is it for you to champion music from the Caribbean and give something back to the UK?

Gabriel: Jamaican music doesn’t get enough recognition for the way it’s influenced UK music and the whole soundsystem culture. Some people try to claim (the music) is not live anymore but there is always amazing stuff coming from the likes of Vybz Kartel, Gyptian, Mr Vegas, Sean Paul and Mavado to name a few

Ben: Every week we do a Rinse FM show and it’s nice for us to showcase what is coming out of Jamaica to give the music the spotlight it deserves.

As part of the extended Rinse family, what you do think about the state of play for  underground artists around the world at present?

G: Major labels are not as relevant as they once were and there is now a global scene for underground music. You may not get the opportunity to play massive clubs but their is a wider demand for it now.

Rubi Dan: It’s like word of mouth or Chinese whispers that gives the independents more momentum.

How would you describe your relationship with Outlook?

G: This is the third one we have been to and I think it’s wicked that they’ve moved away from just Dubstep to bring in Reggae and Dancehall. It’s grown so much bigger, the vibe is much nicer and there are much more girls than there used to be!

What‘s in store for The Heatwave in the rest of 2011?

G: We are taking our night Hot Wuk based in London around major cities in the UK and we’re launching a weekly bashment night called MAD RAFF every Wednesday at the Social which is kicking off in mid-September.

R: It’s a shame you didn’t have a video camera with ya, as there’s a dance to go with MAD RAFF but we will have to hook you up with the exclus’!

What would your ideal festival lineup be?


Ben: Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel,

Rubi: Movado..Just bring all the big artists from Jamaica and bashment artists from the UK to link up!

Lastly, your refix of Jamie XX’S Rolling In The Deep remix has been shown a lot of love. Any plans to produce or remix tunes in the future?

G:I got sent the parts to ‘Gabriel’ by Joe Goddard (of Hot Chip and 2 Bears fame), so that’s the next one we’re doing after Outlook.

B: Sometimes we will be chilling and we hear a tune and instantly I think we can change it into a bashment tune. Then Rubi will be like I swear I’ve got a verse for that?!

Rubi: *in Jamaican grandma voice* I want dat riddddddim!

Catch the Heatwave every Sunday on RINSE FM from 1-3am.

For more information on Madd Raff Wednesdays and the upcoming Hot Wuk tour. Check out http://www.theheatwave.co.uk/ and follow @MADD_RAFF on Twitter.