A likkle piece of this and likkle piece of that



Montreal’s Booty Bakery was based on a harmonic bed of beatsmiths who wanted to showcase a simmering sonic that has sound-tracked their bass-laden club nights in the City of Saints.

Alas the BBM crew (Note well. The only Blackberries these cats roll with are those of the handheld Vitamin C variety) which consists of the talented triumvirate of Phil Sparkz, Compton Chic and Victor Bongiovanni has released their long awaited and anticipated Booty Based Mob Vol.1

The trio have sifted the flour,beat a few eggs and whisked some buttermilk into a smooth consistency that will make you want to hit the bakery and sample some of their daily bread.

Percy’s include Hesk’s Baltimore club inspired riddim Couldn’t Be Alone which samples Ray J’s One Wish and latterly used by Burial on Archangel. (Slight Sidenote – It’s been five years since Untrue dropped….BUM-BA) The low-slung glitch bounce of Bongiovanni’s Zmell Gud , the Alaiz affiliated Da-P’s reserved but rising refix of Kid Cudi’s Memories. Tommy Kruise’s Art Of Noise inspired Hypnotize and the long-awaited dancefloor danger Drama Trap from High-Klassified.

Download via here or listen below


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