A likkle piece of this and likkle piece of that


In the immortal words of Mr Mos “It’s been a long time/I shouldna left you”. Heeding those bars, Man like Fresh is back from ANOTHER break abroad in his trusty fake  Havaianas and he has a wholesome selection of riddims from the underground and overground.

Drank. Be Merry and Enjoy Le Weekend.

Draw X Janet Jackson (Obey City Edit) Free D/L Large up Astro Nautico in Brooklyn…We sees ya.

Chi – Don’t Wake Me Up (prod by OB-i and danny.t) Free D/L  Fresh Single from the Liverpool based singer’s forthcoming EP – Unburden Me

Mikky Ekko – We Must Be Killers  Free D/L

¥oin – Drop Out

King Krule – Rock Bottom

Ab-Soul – A Rebellion (Ft. Alori Joh) First Kid Cudi on ‘50 Ways To Make A Record‘ and the classic drum snare arises again Paul Simon….#rudumb

Nardo Ranks – Burrup (New York Dancehall Vocal Remix) Carnival Soon Come

Kaytradamus – Mountains  The Fresh Ting

Mala – Education PERCY (N.B – No longer will I refer to an impeccable riddim as a Van Percy for 232,000 reasons)

Brandy – Should I Go


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