A likkle piece of this and likkle piece of that


Anyone growing up in an African household will know religion is paramount even if the Sunday service extends far beyond an Eastenders omnibus.

Wearing your best clobber once a week is imperative too (alas I always had my wits about me playing football in the car park with a Coke Can during the summer season of First Holy Communions, Christenings and Weddings, your old man couldn’t give a damn but if your old dear catches you get ready for a public service announcement and a subsequent 9 hit combo a la Street Fighter’s Chun Li on your candy ass)

This clip from the film Show Bobo features two of Africa’s most authentic hobbits that Peter Jackson failed to cast AGAIN for his forthcoming prequel.  No doubt their time will come.

Aki and Popo are two boys from the States who are sent back to Nigeria to learn more about the motherland. However, as always with Dwight and Andy things don’t go according to plan as their dear auntie would like, with the pair repeatedly showing off their bravado claiming that the native food is poisonous and even using scissors to cut through some soup.

This reminds me of a time when my mum was in the choir and hush had fallen over the church as there was a break for meditation. Most switched off their microphones beside them but true to task she didn’t and I seized my chance in the spotlight. This is the club banger that I sang which unsurprisingly started an impromptu session of who can suck air through their molars the loudest.

To this day I don’t know what came over me…stupid Fruit Salad monster.

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