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Stop Think Win with Live Magazine and TFL

I have a confession to make (no I’m not gay for the 47th time) my love affair with gaming died when my younger sibling reversed his go- kart into my Sega Mega Drive once upon a time. Moreover,when I became addicted to playing as Ajax on Football Manager back in ’04…Trabelsi,Zlatan,Wesley S,VDV, (before he joined that team in riot central) Litmanen and the younger heads like Emmanuelson and Maduro. Age of Empires became my forte too but we’ll keep that hushed.

Shoot em up’s and sweating your gonads whilst doing some choreographed flex on the Wii is all very well but games with an educational undertone need not be taxing in your downtime. Stop Think Win http://www.live-magazine.co.uk/stopthinkwin/ is a new game designed to promote road safety awareness amongst teenagers. The premise of the game is for you to be “ah ah ah ah Staying Alive” (Too easy to resist sorry) and if you manage to do so you’ll have the chance of winning some prizes which include:

So get involved and play the game via http://www.live-magazine.co.uk/stopthinkwin/ Keep your garms fresh and don’t get licked down by oncoming traffic to stand the chance of winning something noice.

Let us know how you get on by tweeting: @LiveMagUk #StopThinkWin



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