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South London native Rax honed his microphone skills from the tender age of 15, before signing with fast rising musical enterprise Clear Cut Entertainment / Audio Surveillance Records in 2009. The charismatic emcee then released his first solo long player titled ‘The Auditions’ at just 19 years of age. The mixtape went on to receive over 1000 downloads within the first few days of its release, with hard copies of the project proving equally as popular on the streets of London. Rax then began the process of releasing several viral videos  before putting plans in motion for his most ambitious project to date – #TBCP a.k.a The Black Crook Project.

Wat U Sayin recently conversed with the versatile homegrown Rapper come MC on spitting trashy 16’s in the playground, The innovative Black Crook Project and simultaneously murdering Jollof and Jerk on a bed of Hard dough bread!


Can you give us some background info for those who aren’t familiar with what you do?

 My name is Rax, I’m a musician (Rapper & Songwriter) and I video direct and edit. Nothing more nothing less.


You’ve been spitting since you were 15, what was the younger Rax doing at that time?

I starting spitting from 10/11, but I actually starting taking it serious at 15. I guess I was having fun, studying for my GCSE’s and playing Semi-pro football.


Were you something a child prodigy?

I wouldn’t say that, I had a few avenues I could have taken, Sports, Music or Education.

However,I did make it my goal to be good at the things I enjoyed.


Did you always write bars and battle against others in the playground or was it a hobbie that was primarily born in the studio?

It started in the playground…who could talk the most trash in 16 bars! It was just hype but growing up I listened to a lot of technically gifted musicians like Big L, Eminem, and Kano. I made it one of my aims to make sure I wasn’t just rhyming carelessly.


What was the turning point that made you think ‘If I put the graft in, you never know?’

Life just geared me in that direction

One day my manager said to me how do you want to be perceived in the scene and I didn’t have an answer… I felt lost.

Then over a period of time I learnt loads of life lessons and as a result, I became more in touch with myself…Then I had the answer.


You’re currently in the midst of The Black Crook Project where your releasing a new video every two weeks until March. Is the Black Crook an alter ego and what was the story behind such an ambitious concept?

 The Black Crook is definitely not an alter ego. The project is based on a play written by Charles M Barras called “The Black Crook“. It has a really deep & powerful meaning that I will put into context by the end of the project but let’s save that for another interview.


If you are into musical theatre, I would definitely recommend the read.


A likkle birdie told me you’re steadily building an online following on the other side of the pond too. Why do you think the Americans are showing the T.B.C.P so much love?

I made a few cyber-friends after releasing “I Wanna Rock” they were ushering me to hurry up and release something.

Now #TBCP has begun, they promote it then word of mouth just led it around I think. lol. It might have something to do with the sound too. 😎



Have you pencilled in any releases post-T.B.C.P?

Yeah! “The Dress Rehearsals” – on May the 7th next year. Ssshhh!  Don’t tell anyone yet haha.

Are there any artists or producers out there you’d like to link up with soon?

Yeah course, collabs are fun.

S-X is cold. Would like to officially work with Teddy.

Labrinth is a must. ID Labs make amazing beats. Justice League.

In terms of artists, Dappy would be sick as he understands what a track needs and he’s a cool guy too.

J.Cole. Jhene. Frank Ocean…the list could continue.

What three words of advice would you give to aspiring youts in the UK?  

Work, Persevere & Believe.


Wiley or Dizzee?

It’s a draw buddy.


Wholemeal or White?



Gingerbread Man or Bananaman?

Catch me if you can I’m the….


Jollof or Jerk?

I’ll eat both on hard dough bread in one bite like a caveman. Standard.


Finally, where can the peopledem get more info on your upcoming gigs and releases?

That’s Easy…See Below





Official Site: RaxOfficial.com

Youtube: Youtube.com/RaxOfficial

Tumblr: iAmTheCannon.Tumblr.com

Twitter: Twitter.com/RaxOfficial


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