A likkle piece of this and likkle piece of that


Conceived by the rising and versatile Mr Mitch, Beatfighter is much a Ronseal ting. Launched yesterday, the concept is simple. Two producers go head to head each month to separate the wheat from the chaff,the yolk from the egg, John Terry from being a xenophobic knobhead (that last one is nigh impossible like trying to make me gobble liver pate for a week)

The first producers to throw their unreleased gauntlets are Sllllllleeeeeew Dem’s Spooky of Spartan fame and Darq E Freaker who crafted one of Grime’s most screwface inducing instrumentals since Forward Riddim in the form of Tempa T’s Next Hype.

Spooky – Energy Boost

Darq E Freaker – Turbo Kids

Vote on the Beatfighter site to decide whose bringing the best beats.

If you’re a producer and would like to get involved in some battles in the coming months, email info@beatfighter.co.uk.


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