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A casual chat with one of the early pioneers of the dubstep scene and all-round O.G, DJ Chefal a.k.a Chef at this year’s Outlook Festival. Wat U Sayin chats to the Croydon based selectah on the growth of the scene, underground artists in the pop charts and his infamous cackle laff.

How has this year been so far?

This year’s been crazy, loads of festivals and doing gigs but in that spare time I’ve been working on my album that I’m doing with my partner Bluesy. We’ve got some tunes done with the Ragga Twins and vocalist PhePhe from Birmingham (who featured on Show Me) to name a few.

There’s never been a greater time for underground music in the UK with the likes of Wretch 32 topping the charts and Katy B getting recognition with a Mercury Music Prize nomination. How do you feel when you see someone from a humble beginning prosper?

I love it, as it gives me inspiration. For a long time, good urban tunes wouldn’t get near number one, the Americans dominated the charts via Hip-Hop and RnB. So I say it’s a good look at the moment.

What’s the first thing which springs to mind when thinking about Outlook?

Probably with Outlook, it’s the community spirit that makes it unique compared to other festivals. All the ravers rubbing shoulders with artists, DJ’s, producers and MC’s makes it a lot more intimate.

I remember listening to one of your old sets with DJ Tubby and D Double E , and one thing which struck me is your infamous cackle laugh.

A lot of people mention that but I don’t even notice!

Has anyone thought about sampling it in a tune yet?

People have sampled it already. I’ve had people from abroad sample it and even my boy Beezy put it in tunes. My laugh is my laugh and I’m all about catching joke which is what it’s all about at the end of the day.

Lastly, Coki’s classic remix of Gangsta For Life by Movado seems to be a regular dubplate in your set. What makes you pick it out of the bag and rinse the ting?

I have a couple of mixes for that riddim and I’ve got love for it. If Coki doesn’t play it then I will as it’s a straight up anthem!

Catch DJ Chef’s Rinse Fm show every other Wednesday from 9 till 11pm and for more info on upcoming dates follow him on Facebook and Twitter.  and his burgeoning label check out www.subfreq.co.uk.

STOP PRESS: French badamanVON D‘s special guest mix for Chef’s recent Rinse show (12-10-11) Free D/L.

Chefal is playing at Brixton Jamm tonight at Eat The Plate. Tickets are only a fiver. Get Involved.



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