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The London based crew have had a busy year spreading their love of Caribbean riddims across Europe and beyond. Earlier this month, W.U.S caught them “inna” Croatia and talked to them about the spirit of the underground, dream festival lineups and their new West End night Madd Raff.

Personally I think you guys are doing something special continuing on from the work of David Rodigan in promoting Jamaican culture.  How important is it for you to champion music from the Caribbean and give something back to the UK?

Gabriel: Jamaican music doesn’t get enough recognition for the way it’s influenced UK music and the whole soundsystem culture. Some people try to claim (the music) is not live anymore but there is always amazing stuff coming from the likes of Vybz Kartel, Gyptian, Mr Vegas, Sean Paul and Mavado to name a few

Ben: Every week we do a Rinse FM show and it’s nice for us to showcase what is coming out of Jamaica to give the music the spotlight it deserves.

As part of the extended Rinse family, what you do think about the state of play for  underground artists around the world at present?

G: Major labels are not as relevant as they once were and there is now a global scene for underground music. You may not get the opportunity to play massive clubs but their is a wider demand for it now.

Rubi Dan: It’s like word of mouth or Chinese whispers that gives the independents more momentum.

How would you describe your relationship with Outlook?

G: This is the third one we have been to and I think it’s wicked that they’ve moved away from just Dubstep to bring in Reggae and Dancehall. It’s grown so much bigger, the vibe is much nicer and there are much more girls than there used to be!

What‘s in store for The Heatwave in the rest of 2011?

G: We are taking our night Hot Wuk based in London around major cities in the UK and we’re launching a weekly bashment night called MAD RAFF every Wednesday at the Social which is kicking off in mid-September.

R: It’s a shame you didn’t have a video camera with ya, as there’s a dance to go with MAD RAFF but we will have to hook you up with the exclus’!

What would your ideal festival lineup be?


Ben: Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel,

Rubi: Movado..Just bring all the big artists from Jamaica and bashment artists from the UK to link up!

Lastly, your refix of Jamie XX’S Rolling In The Deep remix has been shown a lot of love. Any plans to produce or remix tunes in the future?

G:I got sent the parts to ‘Gabriel’ by Joe Goddard (of Hot Chip and 2 Bears fame), so that’s the next one we’re doing after Outlook.

B: Sometimes we will be chilling and we hear a tune and instantly I think we can change it into a bashment tune. Then Rubi will be like I swear I’ve got a verse for that?!

Rubi: *in Jamaican grandma voice* I want dat riddddddim!

Catch the Heatwave every Sunday on RINSE FM from 1-3am.

For more information on Madd Raff Wednesdays and the upcoming Hot Wuk tour. Check out http://www.theheatwave.co.uk/ and follow @MADD_RAFF on Twitter.


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