A likkle piece of this and likkle piece of that


Credit : Bullion Productions

In the face of former pirate radio stations getting FM licences and going online, Brentford based Kurupt FM stay true to the roots and the zoots. Sniper and Beats hold it down all day everyday with fellow radio man Decoy, Weapon X, Fantasy (Reppin Philly to the fullest…. not no ‘putang ina mo’ hype mind ) and Steves (occasionally) bring the real 2-step, speed garage vibes to the massdem.

‘Part 1’

‘Part 2’

If you’ve been following  the station, due to Steve’s dumbness Kurupt are at war with Lively FM especially Funky (the diiiiickhead). Alas, to maintain the good air in the ‘chamunity’,  Sniper and Beats went to local don and T-Mobile badman Chabuddie G for advice on how to deal with the acrimony. He advised a diss record was the way forward and now the Kurupt mandem have recorded an exclusive behind the scenes music video to accompany the single’s release.

‘Part 4’

‘Part 5’

Kurupt FM – Chamunity Dubplate (Produced by the silent but violent Decoy)

Available on MySpace,eBay and that. Shout out for the Mae from So Solid-esque vocal.

I’ve put some of the most memorable quotes from the series thus far below:

Sniper: Not on the fackin’ Avirex bruv.

Beats : This week Sniper’s been ‘avin a mare with the missus poppin out youts and dat.

Sniper: Selassie-I, Selassie-I, Gala-tas-a,Gala-tas-a, Galatasaray!

Steves: One Hundred and E-E-E-IGHTY

Beats:It’s like a modern Suggs…

Sniper: Yeah..Red Wine and all dat…

Beats: Yeah..I’m an alien.

Sniper: There are three things I hate in this world…paedophiles…spiders…and dubstep.

Remember “F**k Funky and F**k Dubstep”, beware of Bluefoot and support Kurupt beyond the airwaves on Twitter and Facebook…u nah  mean!


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