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HOMEGROWN MUSIC// Beat This & Joe Black

If your unfamiliar. I like KA Pineapple. GET 2 KNOW. If your unfamiliar. I have 3 kids, a cockerel with gender issues and a coconut tree in the motherland. GET 2 KNOW. If your unfamiliar. Tim and Barry . GET 2 KNOW. Pioneers in the underground scene for taking an innovative approach toward showing homegrown artists of the grime, funky, rap and bass dominions in an honest light. The duo who  hosted the popular and free Just Jam series last summer at the Alibi have continued to produce upfront and astute content.

Personal favourites include the Beat This segment and interviewing artists who showcase freestyles beforehand.  The former speaks for itself where a producer makes a beat from scratch during a 10 minute allocation (Swindle’s precedent )  and YouTube users rate the finished riddim.

The last two episodes of Beat This featuring the production nous of Spooky and Smooth Kriminal are below. Alongside an interview with Islington’s rising UK Rapper Joe Black.

Man like Spooky.

*in African accent* He’s very smoot you know.

Notice how his middle finger is always up.

For regular updates on their work,check out

http://www.dontwatchthat.tv/ and http://www.timandbarry.com/


One response

  1. Steve Bunce

    Well this article is amazing, only things I could compare it to is when Shane Lynch ran the 100m with shin splints in The Games (true Celtic warrior), where I was a senior anaylst or the bravery of Bobby Davro to get out of the swimming pool of his belly flop dive. It was astonishingggggggg.


    April 22, 2011 at 11:31 am

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