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For The Heads Who Remember // ZZZap!

There are moments (like the time you opened a car door and accidentally scraped the paintwork of some geezers car and he started going haywire like this regardless of the fact you were 6 years young) and in equal measure there are times when you wish the clock would speed up (another instance where I led a mob procession akin to the Pied Piper of Hamlet around a primary school playground ironically singing and subsequently was forced to admit I was an idiot by a teacher who was American and built like a “blick” shithouse in good measure)

Regardless of these two mere snippets from early childhood, I was still weary of a show that still causes me to bear a grimace and puff of the cheeks in recollection. Initially aimed for children with hearing impairments, ZZZAP! (for the unassimilated) was a comic book which came to life as a slapstick sketch show. Following the initial title sequence, the camera would pan around the various characters in their panels and eventually zoom to signify selection for a particular episode.

The chief characters which stood out for me were Cuthbert Lilly ,The Handymen and Daisy Dares You. I think the stillness made it more engaging for wee ones of an era where cable television didn’t screen the latest hit US import months in advance as compared to ubiquitous internet torrents now. Whether it was a male trendsetter wrapped up in a Fruit Salad colourway, the incessant cheek of a pig-tailed girl or fluorescent velvet gloves fulfilling some rancid fetish, I was Hook, Line and Sinker.

Take some clips to reminisce over

Ever so crafty lass.

I’m having kittens.

Chaz Chaplin is sending a hundred hadoukens down from Heaven.

Take It Easy.


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