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So Long LCD Soundsystem

James Murphy and co. unfortunately called it a day a few months back but promised a farewell gig which would befit their hungry fanbase and overflowing back catalogue. Alas on Saturday night a sold out Madison Square Garden played host to a moving and as always energetic performance (with eternal cowbell in hand)

Grammy winners Arcade Fire supported and also appeared onstage with the New York band for ‘North American Scum’ My early memory of LCD was watching them at Reading ’07 and I was in disbelief that the tent emptied out after CSS (remember them) played. I stayed regardless of the stench of sweat and piss which sauntered through the air after a long weekend. You could instantly see a showman who was assidous in his craft and a band who made effortless epics that moved between punk,indie-pop,funk and disco for the earphones and dancefloor.

Farewell Gig @ Madison Square Garden

(Credit: Pitchfork)




Daft Punk Is Playing At My House

Get Innocuous   (“You can normalize/don’t it make you feel alive”)

Time To Get Away

Someone Great

New York,I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down (“Like a rat in a cage/pulling minimum wage”)

Long Live LCD.


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