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Original Composer #001 >>The Neptunes

Unless you’re an utter plank or had P-A-Y-G London Electricity where you’d press the emergency button copiously back in the day (am i on my one’s?), the Neptunes are a production duo that consists of Pharrell “Skateboard P” Williams and Chad “the Unsung Hero” Hugo. The Virginia natives (who also form two-thirds of cult group N*E*R*D) are renowned for their terse drum kicks, swoon inducing synths and versatile instrument capability.

SWV – Right Here (Pharrell in his pre-Neptunes days chanting  “S…The double…The U…The V!” in the song)

Kelis – ‘I Want Your Love’

N.O.R.E – ‘Superthug’ –  Landmark song which heralded the group’s divergent sound…WHAT WHAT WHAT!

Usher – U Don’t Have To Call (Remix)

My obsession over these two males *insert prerequisite term to reaffirm my sexuality* began back in school whilst borrowing (see below)  an earphone to the Clones album from a playing device that was sometimes slim but mostly chunky…Sonia from Eastenders if you will.

Ma$e – Lookin At Me in his pre Pastor days taken from old fave Harlem’s World

Clipse – Grindin

Ludacris – Southern Hospitality

The Neptunes presents Clones (Cop. It.Now.) still remains a favourite for me not because of the duo’s assembly of a Motley Crew on the 18 track compilation but their versatility with regard to embracing the genre and giving hip-hop as well as indie fans and anyone in-between an invitation to their Gangsta nation. “Infectious use of Star Trak and the Vulcan salute entered my subconscious” and the rest as they say was history.

Snoop Dogg – It Blows My Mind

Spymob – Half-Steering

N.O.R.E – Put ’em up  PERCY

A decade ago this year saw the birth of Star Trak Entertainment which was a natural cycle of progression for Williams and Hugo, with a small if not steady artist roster which previously included their first lady Kelis, Southern rapper Slim Thug, rap legend Snoop Dogg and Clipse. In recent times, smooth crooner Robin Thicke, prep- pop band Chester French and underrated Kenna are a testament to the duo’s attempt at diverse invention as well as incorporating their rock roots. Kelis’ debut LP Kaleidoscope in ’99 which fared well this side of the pond received a Gold classification for record sales.

Babyface – There She Goes

Justin Timberlake – Last Night

The Neptunes doing their ting on the track:

As with most artists the duo moved into the mainstream channel via Britney’s universal hit ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’ and brushing their inimitable gloss on ‘Rock Your Body’ et ’Like I Love You’ for JT’S (not that diiiiiiiiiickhead no. 26 for Chelsea)  Justified

(Borrowing – 1. Acquire temporarily with the promise or intention of returning. UK colloq. Asking a fellow being if you could admire their Nokia 3310 with a neon light interface and then proceeding to take their SIM card out for extra curricular activity i.e. linking numerous galdem all ironically named Jezebel)

Forthcoming production is stated to involve The Smeezingtons, Santigold, J.Cole, Avril Lavigne, Beyonce and Travis Barker to name a few. My favourite original composers and their upcoming discography proves they are still one of the most in-demand worldwide.

Live, Long and Prosper

STOP PRESS: If your bang on getting a large chunk of their discography click the link http://rapidshare.com/#!linklist|6CR6NH||| and type nep as a password


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