A likkle piece of this and likkle piece of that

2000 + 11

A cacophony of  artists to lend your ears to. Whether or not they achieve mainclaim (mainstream avec acclaim…poor hybrid i know) this year they’ll certainly enter your subconscious unknowingly.


This Toronto native has had a number of releases on Aaah! Real Monsters, Civil Music and W.U.S fave Night Slugs (The Only Way Up EP was the 2nd release from label) in the last year and is set to release his debut L.P Bible Eyes in 2011. The debut effort is rumoured to travel through techno, broken beat, house and bass amongst other genres. Egyptrixx’s unorthodox production expertise may appear morose to the novice listener initially, yet his methodical knack at interweaving crucial keys, shuffling percussion and Chi-house vocals will lure you in.


Free ting….Fresh single off Bible Eyes ‘Chrysalis Records’ feat. Trust


Having honed his craft in the grime aesthetic in his mid-teens, Swindle is a versatile producer who has already worked with a stellar catalogue of beatmakers and artists such as former Aftershock member Terror Danjah as well as Marvell’s Double S. April 2010 saw his first physical release in the form of the ‘Airmiles EP’ , the title track borrowed infectious underground subbass and mesmeric synth stabs a la Quincy Jones for maximum effect. Moreover, it received a fair deal of airplay from Target on 1xtra and Oneman on Rinse. He releases the ‘Playground EP’ on Rwina Records later this month with a mix of Benga-esque synths, improvised organ solos and SNES funk.  This upcoming producer is one to watch in the ever burgeoning bass panorama.

One word…Heavy.

I’ll add more potential to this post in a bit



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