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Riddim Watcher – Night Slugs Label / Velour – Booty Slammer

The Night Slugs label have been at the forefront of forward thinking and innovative dance music for the last three years or so in the Big Smoke. The main figureheads behind the label are Bok Bok and L-VIS 1990 who are both respected producers and DJ’s on the bass scene at home and abroad.

With a diverse and extensive roster which includes the likes of funky don Lil’ Silva, juke inspired Girl Unit (whose WUT EP is currently on heavy rotation) and Egyptrixx to name a few. Thus, to celebrate the blossoming reputation of the label they are releasing a debut compilation album “Night Slugs Allstars Vol.1 ” and in conjunction with the forthcoming release are throwing a launch event on the 12th of November (Next Friday for you idle ones).

In the meantime, give this track by Velour a listen to (which i’ve repeated into double figures now)

Rumour on the Marvin Gaye is that Hyetal is one half of the duo.

Also, check out the link  for more information on theNight Slugs Allstars Vol.1 launch event

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