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One To Watch – Ms Curious Interview

In the first installment of another new feature looking at the state of music and progressive vibes for the future, I speak to Ms. Curious, a dubstep artist from New Zealand who talks about her love for bass music and the ever burgeoning scene in her homeland.

Can you give us some background info for those who aren’t familiar with what you do?

I’m a dubstep dj from NZ, I moved to London a couple of months ago for the music scene over here. Pirate radio has been a great love of mine and I’ve worked for various stations since I was 14, doing everything from hosting/promo/sales/producing ad’s etc I’d always been interested in djin but never had enough loyalty to a genre to really give it a real go, until I was introduced to dubstep…

What’s your earliest memory of music in a performing or listening capacity?

Earliest memory… hmmm listening, would have to be just dancing around like an idiot in my big brothers bedroom to Michael Jackson and The Bloodhound Gang, I would have been about 8 or 9 at the time, but I think I knew even from then I wanted to work in the music industry!

How did you get into producing or DJing?

Djin kinda happened by default for me, as I said above I’ve always been interested and wanted to learn but I was always terrible at remembering tune names and I was always spoilt with music just listening to one of the radio stations I worked for in Auckland, Base FM. BUT after Benga played in Auckland in 2007 I wanted more of that sound and only a couple of dj’s were playin it once a week for two hours and that wasn’t enough! I managed to hustle some technics 1200’s off a friend who had gone digital and a mixer from another and from then on all my spare time and money was spent on vinyl and tryin to teach myself how to mix. A friend that owns a small bar in the snowboarding town I grew up in, Ohakune asked me if I wanted to play a night there, of course I jumped at the chance, I ended up going back to back with Jason Howson for 3 hours. I was pretty terrible, but having the support from Jason was great and the crowd were up for it, it was then I realised that I could do it and started to take myself, as a dj, a bit more seriously.

Nowadays a growing majority of DJ’S are using beatmatching software on laptops for their sets. Do you think it’s changed the paying public’s opinion of disc jockeys?

No. I used to, but then as I travelled more and started talking to random ravers at gigs, I realised the majority of party goers don’t really care so long as you play the right beats who cares! You’re always going to get the chin stokers that watch every move you make and yes some people will say ‘might as well just have dj ipod on’ but there is SO much more to being a dj then just beatmatching!

Which artists or producers out there have made an essential influence on your listening palette?

As far as ESSENTIAL influence, that would have to be the crew back home as they are the one’s who introduced me to the sound and helped me get where I am today, so big up Jason Howson, Frosty Boy, Sean Lyons, Grind, Future one, 00gun, Sandy bay boys and the list goes on… In the dubstep scene here Benga, Skream, Mala, Coki, Cotti are the first names I still remember learning at raves and paying attention to, writing tune names in my phone etc

Where does your enthusiasm and drive for music come from?

I don’t know! I just love bass music

Obviously the Dubstep scene is gaining more momentum in the Southern hemisphere with Kito on Disfigured Dubz (Skream’s label) and your fellow kiwis Truth recently releasing their album. Do you feel back home people are beginning to warm to the genre?

HA! Dubstep in massive in NZ! NZ has always had a big dub/bass music culture so I think it’s only natural that it’s got this big back home. We have some amazing talent back home and I plan to help promote more NZ artist while I’m here.

Any plans to drop an album or LP in the near future?

As far as me and producing go right now, I’m still getting set up over here and don’t have access to a studio. Still very much in the learning stage!

What else do you have lined up?

Just trying to get out there at the moment! I’ve got a few things up my sleeve, but I don’t want to jinx it… watch this space 😉

What are you listening to at the moment and is there anyone readers should look out for?

God this is a tough question! I’m going to stick with biggin up the NZ crew – Optimus Gryme is a big one to watch out for, Undertow who has also just moved here big name to watch. Peas, Mike Cains, Lowquid, Tommy Flowers, Phoenix Dubs, Tobi Jafa Mafia, 0ogun… I know I’ve missed so many names – listen to www.basefm.co.nz and hear for yourself!

Lastly, which came first the chicken or the egg?

The Rooster – Not gonna get a chicken or an egg without a horny cock!

Check out Ms Curious on her soundcloud and facebook for more information.



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