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Mundane Monday – For The Heads That Remember

In an age where technology has diversified into most areas of our livelihoods, we lament with the eternal cries of “when I was younger” and “back in my day” (regardless of the fact that you’re only 22 and the Grim Reaper isn’t exactly over your shoulder)   Nonetheless, This is the first post of a regular feature which takes a nostalgic perspective on either a song, event or show which triggers a positive memory of my childhood and others that grew up in the Noughties.

Before Sister Sister, Nickelodeon (which I was meant to appear on but that’s a story for another day) Live ‘N’ Kicking and Andi Peter’s sidekick Edd the Duck. One show featuring a Blue coloured, cape wearing pillar amongst men and women caught my imagination. Captain Planet and the Planeteers began in the Autumn of 1990 and ran for a further two years after. Whilst, a sequel The New Adventures of Captain Planet commenced in 1993 and ceased in May 1996. The idea for the show came from the temple of a man who is the largest individual landowner in North America and founded CNN in 1980, Mr Ted Turner.

The plot of the cartoon show essentially foreshadowed the “green agenda” into the consciousness of many teenagers and young adults of this current generation. Besides the central environmental theme, the show also covered social and health issues such as HIV, the Northern Ireland troubles and Gang warfare. The spirit of the Earth named Gaia is awoken from her slumber by humans causing damage to the ecosystem around the world. Alas she sends out five magic rings (via telepathy one thinks) to the five youths a.k.a the Planeteers in order to control an element of nature each. Yet, when all the powers are combined together Captain Planet is the superhuman power who arises to tackle the Eco-Villains, with names such as Zarm and the familiar Duke Nukem .

The show also had a recognizable cast who provided voices for characters including Whoopi Goldberg, Margot Kidder (who played Lois Lane in the original Superman films), Jeff Goldblum, Tim Curry, Meg Ryan and Sting.

My personal connection with the show stemmed from the lead Planeteer ironically named “Kwame” and as a wee fella wanting to be like him (some might say tragic or utter…alas i beg to differ)

Anyway. Here are a selection of clips for those who want a brief escape from the mundane essay or task you’ve been set.

Casually defusing a Petrol Bomb

“Being in Special Ed doesn’t mean Ronnie’s not smart…He’s smart enough to stay outta gangs”



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