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The TV series may have ended but Big Brother is STILL watching (the weirdo)

I was on Facebook early this morning (for procrastination purposes) and saw a fellow user tagging his current location at work. At first I was intrigued then a few hours later as people tagged their current locations at for example the Templeman Library or The Nags Head it dawned upon me it was another subtle form of privacy invasion with the new Places application.

Take a peek at this article for further discusssion on the matter:   http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-11342802

I’m not a philanderer but picture this scenario if you will….

Gary and his mates after a long day of lectures and seminars are looking to get on “it” tonight at the university nightclub Babylon. They congregate in his room for pre drinks listening to tunes from the Radio 1 playlist  (which they will listen to AGAIN in the club a few hours later) and he logs into his profile to scope out some potential females.

As if by magic or via the help of a mobile phone company Gaz gets a text from his girlfriend asking what time he will reach the club. Yet our man Gary (mans man) is spending quality time with the lads and is on the lash so he ignores it. A few hours pass by and our leader of the pack has pulled a female and surprise surprise it’s not his girlfriend.

The next morning at an unknown location (that girl’s bedroom) and his phone reads 67 missed calls from Vanessa his “gurlfriend”. Little does he know that his Facebook profile was left on and his ever so caring mates had tagged his location to be at home overnight. Vanessa marches over to the house and contrary to Facebook  finds Gary not to be in his room. As she leaves his house the ever loyal boyfriend reaches the final destination of his walk of shame.

The moral of this overly long short tale is be careful if you want an alibi to cover your extra-curricular activities Facebook Places is not the one.

Peas Out


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